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Expect focused and attentive service from our lawyers

The focused, attentive service you receive from the lawyers at YoungPickett is unmatched.  The firm’s dedicated team of experienced, quality lawyers has handled major civil, commercial, and criminal litigation for decades.

This hard-working trial team works well with national corporate and litigation counsel and the clients it represents, and its experience in the Federal and State Courts of East Texas and Southwest Arkansas proves an invaluable asset to any corporation’s legal division and all clients, corporate or individual.


Complex Commercial, Intellectual Property, Business, and Class Action Litigation at your service

You are either considering filing a lawsuit or you have been sued, and you have retained national counsel to represent your company in various matters.  In addition, you will need lawyers located where your lawsuit is pending to effectively navigate your case, adhering to local court etiquette, rules, and laws.

The attorneys of YoungPickett handle as much or as little of your case as you like.  We advise clients as to what will likely work or not work for prosecuting or defending your commercial, intellectual property, business litigation, or class action case.