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Areas of Practice

YoungPickett Law Offices have more than 75 years of combined experience in civil, complex commercial and criminal litigation.  The law firm aids businesses and corporate lawyers, as well as individual clients, in legal matters regarding:  

Antitrust Litigation Criminal Defense
Patent Litigation Class Action litigation
Complex Commercial Litigation Personal Injury/Wrongful Death
Copyright/Trademark Infringement Family Law/Domestic Relations

Your valuable legal resource in Southwest Arkansas and Northeast Texas

YoungPickett provides effective local counsel to businesses with lawsuits in the Federal and State Courts of Texas and Arkansas.  Admitted to practice in the United States District Courts throughout Texas and Arkansas, our law firm is well suited to handle your company’s case.



YoungPickett has experience litigating complex commercial lawsuits involving violations of the Sherman Act and Clayton Act.  Whether defending companies or prosecuting competitors, our assistance consistently proves beneficial to in-house and outside national corporate counsel.


Patent Litigation

Patent litigation covers any legal action regarding a patent, including infringement.  Intellectual property legal issues are often complex and technical.  Patent lawyers should have the technical background and negotiation experience to handle all the litigation issues that arise.  The firm of YoungPickett brings capable, accomplished, and experienced litigators to such cases.


Trademark Litigation  

Trademarks identify a company’s goods or services.  To obtain a trademark, prosecute another corporation violating your trademark rights, or defend yourself against trademark infringement charges, contact YoungPickett Law Offices.  The attorneys work efficiently and effectively in state and federal courts to see that your business reputation is protected and your intellectual property is preserved.


Trade Secrets Litigation 

Trade secrets are a company’s private information that gives a business its competitive edge, excluding patents, trademarks and copyrights.  Trade secret cases are often coupled with unfair competition claims.  The attorneys at YoungPickett skillfully handle complex cases like these, adhering to Federal, Texas and Arkansas laws that apply to issues arising in these cases. 


Copyright Litigation 

Copyrights exist to protect authored works.  If these original works are copied, reproduced, or cited without giving credit, it is called copyright infringement.  In both prosecution and defense, the attorneys at YoungPickett stand ready to fight for your company’s rights to produce and retain credit for original works.  Serving you alone or with your business’ national attorneys, YoungPickett represent your business with commitment and experience.


Securities Fraud

In today’s economy, stocks and bonds are under fire.  Shareholders and the public hold companies and government entities accountable for their securities.  Concentrating on class action lawsuits, the skilled lawyers at YoungPickett help represent your company in Texas and Arkansas federal courts and state courts when securities fraud claims are involved.


Criminal Defense

Personal Injury/Wrongful Death

Family Law/Domestic Relations